Opening day

on Wednesday, 01 May 2013.

Opening day

Welcome to So Vintage. We are so excited to finally launch our website and share our passion of vintage and industrial objects with you.  We spent 2 months in France collecting our wonderful bits and pieces and have more coming this space!  We will be going back to France regularly to gather our interesting array of items.  Please contact us if you are looking for something in particular and we'll hunt it for you! We will also do bulk items for shop fittings and commercial use.  

The idea for So Vintage was born when we first came back to NZ in 2009 after living in France.  We brought back treasured things with us that we had found from rummaging around the brocantes.  This was a hobby we really enjoyed and as the years passed we started to miss being able to do it.  We decided to go one better and bring back things that other people would appreciate too.  Now we are here in sunny Hawkes Bay with our shed full of treasures ready for you to dig through and discover.  Look forward to meeting you.

Korreen and Mehdi @ So Vintage

We would like to thank our wonderful family for making this adventure possible.


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