Old French Buffet 'Blutoir'

French Blutoir Cabinet
French Blutoir Cabinet
French Country Blutoir Cabinet
French Blutoir Cabinet
French Blutoir Cabinet
136 CM
66 CM
120 CM

French C. mid 1800's Oak "blutoir" hand crafted cabinet.  This wonderful old piece of country furniture was used in the household to separate grains to make and refine flour.Blutoirs are known to be used since the early 1500's in windmills. It originally had a drum positioned diagonally inside the cabinet. On one side was a handle to spin the drum and on the other was where all the unwanted parts of the grain would be collected.  This means that there are two round holes on either side of the cabinet. The top side lifts up to uncover a storage unit where "raw" grains were stored before being transformed. As progress and industrialisation came along blutoirs stopped being used and most of them ended up being transformed as cabinets. It is such a character piece from the hand made hinges, its beatiful patina and the basic locks. I've never seen two that look the same! Only some households could afford such a piece of luxury.